About Us

Select Women’s Fashion for Millennials and Generation Z is the next-generation fashion retailer. We create an engaging consumer experience from large yet curated clothes, footwear, accessories, and beauty styles as a trusted, premium lifestyle brand and a go-to online source for discovery and inspiration. We have established a tremendous platform and brand that we feel is engaging with the next generation of consumers and changing fashion retail for the twenty-first century as a result of our continuing investment in technology, data analytics, and innovative marketing and merchandising techniques.  

Select Women’s Fashion was founded in 2020, with the goal of transforming the purchasing experience via the use of digital channels and technology. We believed that traditional retail was either too big or too little, that it struggled to supply on-trend items on a constant basis, and that it failed to connect with younger customers. Select Women’s Fashion was established to provide a scaled-down, one-stop shopping experience for young, aspiring shoppers. We feel that our model, which is more targeted than department stores or mass market online retailers and offers a wider range of products than specialist retailers, allows us to better serve customers.

We constructed a new, proprietary technology platform to manage practically all elements of our business, with a special focus on establishing sophisticated and highly automated inventory management, pricing, and trend-forecasting algorithms, to improve on the merchandise offers of traditional retail. We’ve backed up these efforts with a company created from the ground up to make data-driven, customer-centric decisions.

Our innovative marketing strategy and powerful brand appeal to the millennial age, which is becoming increasingly important. These customers, who grew up in a hyper-connected, digital world, have distinct purchasing preferences, spend time across multiple mediums, and respond to messaging differently than previous generations. We have a huge competitive edge because of our extensive ties, history of mutually beneficial alliances, buzzworthy social events, and recognized leadership position. Authentic, aspirational experiences and lifestyle content are delivered through these marketing initiatives, which increase loyalty and engagement. To further drive profitable customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value, we combine emotional brand marketing with sophisticated, data-driven performance marketing.

How We Think About Social Impact

Social impact and engagement through Select Women's Fashion.

Through our operations, an engaged Select Women’s Fashion community, and the power of our brand, we think our platform provides us the capacity to generate positive change. Strategic, innovation, and community are the three pillars of our social impact strategy. We expect to see continued development in the years ahead as an affiliate firm that is continually developing and learning about consequences.