Bio-Based Yarn Dresses : future of sustainable fashion – SWF

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The first release from H&M’s Innovation Stories series is the Science Story collection and it plays with plenty of eco-friendly materials that represent the future of sustainable fashion. One of the most standout pieces from the collection is a dress with bold seams, cut-out details and a prominently placed patch that details that the product is made from a bio-based Nylon that comes from castor oil. This material, in fact, is EVO by Fulgar, which takes the form of a bio-based yarn that’s created with castor oil seeds.

The innovative Science Story collection also explores the use of materials like plant-based leather alternatives, ECONYL (a fully regenerated nylon made with ocean waste like discarded fishing nets) and other technologies like Agraloop and Texloop Rcot.

Xoxo 💋 The Select Fashion Team