Female-Owned SPF Activewear Brands : L’Oeuf Poche’s Cloud 9 – SWF

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As the summer months approach and outdoor sporting activities resume, L’Oeuf Poche’s Cloud 9 line of women’s activewear launches to provide the wearer with maximum sun protection. It is important to absorb sunlight, but its rays can be harmful over long periods of time. This is why the female-owned retailer, L’Oeuf Poche, designed an advanced SPF 30+ clothing technology.

The new line dubbed Cloud 9 includes a Cloud 9 Sleeveless Tank and a Cloud 9 Skort – ideal for a game of tennis, golf, or a Zumba class. The A-line skort features front pockets to store valuables safely. The tank and its matching skort are complete with scallop trimming and are available in white, navy, and blush.

Image Credit: L’oeuf Poché

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