Gegen den Tod auf der Organwarteliste – SWF

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In response to the fact that Germany has 77% less organ donation than other European countries, NGO Gegen den Tod auf der Organwarteliste teamed up with eight streetwear designers to create wearable Organ Donor IDs. These wearables are not just style statements but pieces that can be signed to count as an official organ donor document.

Gegen den Tod Couture helps to bring awareness to the need for organ donation in the country and the fashion-forward pieces help to reach audiences that might not otherwise consider becoming donors. There are t-shirts, totes, hats and plenty of other practical styles that help to bring attention to the NGO’s mission. In all, 70 Gegen den Tod Couture pieces were created as conversation-starting designs that even have the potential to save real lives.

Xoxo ? The Select Fashion Team