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Tommy Hilfiger announces its third ‘Tommy’s Drop Shop’ release with the limited-edition Stevie Gee micro-capsule. Tommy‚Äôs Drop Shop aims to encourage the continual discovery of creativity with the London-based director, designer, and illustrator.

The co-designed range of short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts and hoodies feature psychedelic cartoon drawings. With hues of blue and purple, DROP 3 also sees a wilting flower in a pot with a melting face, which happens to be one of Stevie Gee’s signature designs. The limited apparel also features a muscular cartoon character and a reimagined cartoon TOMMY JEANS flag.

“How I created my designs for the collab? I drew them straight from my mind onto paper. That’s it,” says Stevie Gee about his creative process.

Image Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

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