Recycled Fast Fashion Collections : ready for the future – SWF

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Boohoo’s Ready for the Future collection was created with a small UK supplier and it features styles made with recycled materials—95% recycled polyester and 5% elastane sourced from plastic that would have otherwise have gone to waste. In the collection, consumers will find dresses, bodysuits, skirts, crop-tops and other spring and summer staples in soft shades of pink, blue and green.

The brand’s delivery bags now also contain more than 80% recycled plastic and the brand is aiming for all of its polyester and cotton to be recycled or more sustainable by 2025.

As consumers become increasingly interested in fashion that’s made in a mindful way with thoughtful materials, brands are incorporating more recycled materials to make the most of the resources that are already in circulation, in order to reduce waste.

Xoxo ? The Select Fashion Team