Remixed Maritime Fashion : miu miu maritime – SWF

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The Miu Miu Maritime collection offers a fresh perspective on classic styles by playing with masculine and feminine elements in unexpected ways. Classic seafaring colors like blue, white and red can be seen throughout the collection and they’re refreshed with details where marinière collars and broad shoulders meet lace, ruffles and softly sculpted sleeves.

For the campaign, Miu Miu enlisted models Elisa Löhr, Nina Pronk, Shade, Shin Hyeon Yi, and Topsy against a backdrop that also incorporates juxtaposing details where concrete coexists with the sea and humans collide with nature. With the collection, the brand captures the crew gazing into “the distance in anticipation – of a new beginning, a different season, a different perspective, broadened horizons,” which is a sentiment shared by many in 2021.

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