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Vitamin-C Rich Hydration Cream


Product Description

C.E.O. C+E Protect + Repair Moisturizer infuses 5 percent advanced, oxygen-stable tetrahexydecyl ascorbate (THD ascorbate, the gold standard form of vitamin C) into the skin. THD ascorbate is the newer, clinically proven, oil-soluble derivative of vitamin C, which penetrates better into the skin while being exceptionally stable against oxygenation. With 5 percent THD ascorbate, this moisturizer is powerful at helping to fight the first visible signs of aging and restoring vital skin radiance. It is uniquely suitable for those with sensitive skin, because THD ascorbate is significantly less irritating than other forms of vitamin C. Once in the skin, it helps boost youthful-looking skin texture and volume, in addition to providing photostable, antioxidant support. Blended with protective, anti-pollution expopolysaccharides and refining lime pearl extract, this formula helps repair the effects of aging, environmental stress and pollution-induced damage. It is rich yet never greasy, providing hydration and antioxidant protection to the skin for a visibly younger, softer, healthier-looking complexion.

  • Paraben free, phthalate free, sulfate free

How To Use

  • Can be used morning and night
  • NOTE: Natural beauty products are made up of both natural and synthetic ingredients and are paraben, phthalate and sulfate-free.

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