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things to do at the pool

There’s something that I just love about lounging at a pool. But also, very much enjoy that post pool nap (remember this post?). But back to being AT the pool. It’s one of my favorite things to do come summer. Even if I find a half-hour of time to get out in the sun, or a full-on afternoon; I so enjoy just lounging and working on my tan. With proper SPF of course!

I think some people can find the pool very boring. And maybe this is the introvert in me who very much likes being alone, but I think there’s something really great about it. It’s usually pretty calming with the water, the fresh air, and sunshine on your face. There are so many things you can do too while you’re out there even if you’re alone. It’s a great way to do a little “me time” too. So whether you head to the pool solo or with some friends, here are some fun things to do while lounging at the pool.

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Jessica Camerata of An Indigo Day is sharing some fun things to do at the pool alone or with friends
Jessica of An Indigo Day sharing her favorite things to do at the pool alone to pass the time, sunglasses, hat and magazine

Things To Do At The Pool Alone

Go ahead, get your swimsuit on, lather on some SPF and head to the pool. Summer is in full swing and whether you’re heading to the pool solo, with a pal or an entire group, here are my favorite things to do by the water. PS check out my pool bag essentials here.

Read A Book Or Magazine

It seems the only time I get to do some reading is by the pool or on an airplane. Rarely do I spend time at home reading. So I really love heading to the pool solo so I can get some reading done. I’m currently making my way through Chelsea Handler’s latest book. And just started Mark Manson’s as well. Anyone else read more than one book at a time? I always start a few, then end up dedicating time to just finishing one. Magazines are also a fun and leisurely thing to get through. Definitely more quick than a book!

Listen To A Podcast

I’m all about Podcasts these days. I religiously listen to Girls Gotta Eat and am OBSESSED. Or if I’m looking for something a little more motivating for work, I really love Kate Kenney’s Be There In Five podcast for all things pop culture and nostalgia from my childhood. I always find myself laughing out loud. And you can never go wrong with a good murder mystery. If you’re looking to get into a podcast, I highly recommend starting with Serial!

Play A Pool Game

Okay so this one does require other people. BUT, hear me out. Even if you head to the pool alone, I’m sure there may be some folks there. This is a great way to meet new people through an activity. From pool volley ball, to basketball or even just a ring toss! Make it fun and add some bets or shots that are required if you miss a shot. This will for sure make for a fun day at the pool!

Just Float

Atlanta summers are HOT so being able to get in the water to cool off is great. But my favorite thing besides being fully committed to being 100% in the water, is doing a great pool float. Whether you do super fun with a donut float or a true lounge float with a headrest, they’re always a good idea.

Enjoy A Cocktail

How can anyone say no to enjoying a cocktail by the pool? It’s a great way to cool off with something refreshing! Plus, Sunday Funday was meant for cocktails by the pool. Try my peach Moscow mules for a crowd! Or, if you’re daring, a watermelon frosé! Either way, a delicious cocktail, or even a canned wine is the ideal way to spend a few hours out by the water, right?

Listen To Some Music

I’m the type of person who always has music playing. No matter what. My pool bag is always packed with my JBL speaker so I can listen to music while lounging. If you’re trying to be more respectful of others around you, always opt for AirPods!

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