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United States Bucket List Travel Destinations

After a year of being at home and not doing a whole lot of anything, 2021 is feeling much more optimistic. Since a lot of destinations overseas are still not open to the United States to travel to, many of us are exploring our very own backyards. From quick roadtrips to new cities nearby, to short flights to new destinations right in the US. While I’ve done my fair share of travel within the United States, a lot of it was just for work. Or visiting family or friends.

I suppose that’s one of the perks of the US being so big, is that you may have a friend in a city that you can make a trip out of. I’ve rarely really gone on a full on vacation within the US outside of a Miami beach trip or exploring more of the southeast. I really can’t even say I’ve created a true travel itinerary for somewhere within the 48 contiguous states.

On my phone, I keep a travel bucket list. It’s my little reminder of places I want to visit to. A way to put it out there into the universe I suppose. And a lot of those destinations are outside the US. From exploring the Amalfi Coast, a safari in South Africa, and drinking Irish whiskey in Ireland. All dream vacations. I’ve got a long list of dream destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond. But the US? I only have a handful.

United States Bucket List Travel Destinations

My little list in my Notes app of the United States destinations I want to visit is kind of short. And one of them on this list I am finally checking off. And it’s up there. I’d say it was a top 3 contendor of my ultimate US bucket list destination.


This week, I’m on a girl’s trip to Scottsdale and Sedona Arizona. I’ve never been to the state at all and am so excited to see all the cactus, gorgeous rock formations and eat all the food while soaking up some sun. I feel like Sedona is such a unique place and I’m so eager to explore it. We have several fun things planned from an off-road Jeep tour, a horseback riding tour and maybe a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Which I’ve surprisingly never visited even though my sister lived in Las Vegas for well over a decade. This is also the first trip I’ll be packing more workout clothes than regular clothes with all our hikes and adventures planned.

Then we’re off to Scottsdale and staying at a hotel that I’ve had mentally bookmarked for a couple of years now. It’s chic, cool and modern. I’ve heard the food scene is great in Scottsdale so bring it on! And I plan on spending a few days by the pool finally getting a good tan.

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More US Destinations To Visit

I’ve got a few other places I’m dying to visit right here on our home turf. Before Europe fully opens up, maybe I’ll explore a few more and finally work on this bucket list!

Pacific Coast Highway

A few other places on my United States destination list is a drive down the PCH. Maybe start in San Francisco and end up in Huntington Beach. This just begs to be done in a convertible with lots of leisurely stops along the way.

A New England Adventure

One of my all time top ideal dream vacations, is a drive along the New England coast. I want to eat all the lobster rolls I could find while taking in breathtaking coastal views. A visit to Nantucket, or Martha’s Vineyard, I’ve never been and have always wanted to go. It also seems like the type of place that requires a cute bike, which you know is my favorite!

Joshua Tree

Palm Springs is one of my most favorite places I’ve visited in the US. I went for Coachella and didn’t really get to explore the area much. I’d love to go back and see more of Palm Springs and do a day or two in Joshua Tree. This coffee table book (and Instagram account) has me wanting to visit ASAP.

A Dude Ranch

Send me to Montana or Wyoming, I want to visit a Dude Ranch! Give me a cowboy hat, lots of outdoor exploring and good food. I feel like the views would be breathtaking and would be such a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

What’s on your United States bucket list?

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